What Meaning in My Life Will Remain?

#midnightthought “A hundred years from now, none of this will matter.”

I think it was about 35 years ago that my father made that comment – it made me pause to think. First, why the comment, then a realization of the truth of the comment. None of “this” will matter… He will have passed, just as those in the family did before him, and just as those in the family who remain will pass. Friends too.

100 years from now, we’ll have our name, date of birth, and death still etched to view on a headstone. But that’s about it.

Not even the internet as it exists today will much matter.

I think it’s about time to pass that comment on to my son. He is about the age I was when my father said it to me, a variation one of the Forest E. Witcarft quotes.

There is another way it can be expressed… it defines a “midnight thought”.

Leo Tolstoy (you know, the author we can thank for writing that War and Peace novel) once confessed: “Is there any meaning in my life that the inevitable death awaiting me does not destroy?”

It’s certain, now, that, 100 years hence in a person’s life, that things may not matter, but lived correctly, they found meaning in their life that did remain, and influenced thousands of others.

 James Hartson Curtis - WWII London 1944


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