What You Are Today Is Not Important

I found a quote that I thought good enough to share:

Beginning today, treat everyone you meet
as if they were going to be dead by midnight.
Extend to them all the care,
kindness and understanding you can muster,
and do with no thought of any reward.
Your life will never be the same again.

It’s by Og Mandino, an unknown to me, but to over 50 million other people, he’s an inspiration, so I decided to investigate.

That led me to the title of this post, What You Are Today Is Not Important. Which raised the simple question, Why? Followed by the simple answer, Because you can learn how to change your life!

And because you can change your life, what you are today is not important.

Do Not Wait

Og Mandino had a lot to say about success and making life changes, in a unique way.

He relies upon ancient story telling by the greatest salesman in the world who credited his success to following the wisdom written into ten leather scrolls.

It’s all in a book, The Greatest Salesman in the World, which Wikipedia explains

“contains the “time-tested wisdom of the ancients distilled into ten simple scrolls” which, if followed for the prescribed ten months, will as Og says, “seep into my other mind, that mysterious source which never sleeps, which creates my dreams, and often makes me act in ways I do not comprehend. As the words of these scrolls are consumed by my mysterious mind I will begin to awake, each morning, with a vitality I have never known before. My vigor will increase, my enthusiasm will rise, my desire to meet the world will overcome every fear I once knew at sunrise, and I will be happier than I ever believed it possible to be in this world of strife and sorrow.” (Scroll I)

The scrolls each have a principle designed to replace bad habits built up over a lifetime which “threatens to imprison my future” (Scroll I) with good habits developed through a ten month process of studying the scrolls. They are:

Scroll I – Today I begin a new life.
Scroll II – I will greet this day with love in my heart.
Scroll III – I will persist until I succeed.
Scroll IV – I am nature’s greatest miracle.
Scroll V – I will live this day as if it is my last.
Scroll VI – Today I will be master of my emotions.
Scroll VII – I will laugh at the world (Keep perspective)
Scroll VIII – Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold.
Scroll IX – I will act now.
Scroll X – I will pray for guidance.

Mandino’s main philosophical message is that every person on earth is a miracle and should choose to direct their life with confidence and congruent to the laws that govern abundance. He wrote in Scroll I, “I will not fail as the others, for in my hands I now hold the charts (the Ten Scrolls) which will guide me through perilous waters to shores which only yesterday seemed but a dream.” Og was also a proponent of taking action now. In Scroll IX, the phrase I will act now is written 18 times. He recognized that all successful people take on their own lives by “charting” or consciously choosing both the desired destination and the path to reach it.”

Now to me, like it or not, we’re all sales people. We have to sell ourselves every day to someone, in some way, for some reason. It might be convince the person who is interviewing you that you’re the right person for the job. It might be that you need to convince a doctor that what you’re going through really isn’t in your head, or it may be to sell yourself to a dating prospect. The situations are endless.

The point is, if you can change enough to learn to be a great salesperson, plenty of other things in your life will change for the better.

The quote, the Wikipedia write-up, and some reviews convinced me… I’m ordering The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino from Amazon for the secrets it contains. I’m ready to change.

source: Wikipedia
Napolean Hill image Via Sarah Morris McCauley

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