When To Talk Like a Pirate

The pirate's look is the look for me

When is it ever proper to talk like a pirate…?

Today! September 19th (2016) is national Talk Like a Pirate Day. So, to get you started, here are a set of images to inspire you, thanks to Photobucket user blake1072 who shared the links back in 2014…

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Flying the Jolly Roger

Dead Men Tell No Tales


Helmsman Manning the HelmManning The Helm

Captain "Me Booty"Me Booty

Capt MorganCapt Morgan

Aargh…! Me noggin hurts… now where did me lay that bottle of rum…?


image sources: blake1072 via Photobucket

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  1. Not sure if my wife would fully understand if all of a sudden I started spouting off… “Wench”… and walked around the place with a bottle of rum!

    • Thoughts at Midnight

      Then you’d better forget “Arrgh… where’s me booty!” or you’re likely to find a makeshift gangplank waiting for you the next time you come home!

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