Why Are Hopes and Dreams Like Teardrops?

Q: Why are hopes and dreams like teardrops?

A: they both can get lost…

teardrops get lost in the rain;
hopes and dreams get lost in reality.

Tear Drops in the Rain

Hopes and Dreams are like teardrops in the rain, they get lost in reality.

“Isn’t it funny how as children we have the biggest amount of expectation for our lives when we grow older, but only a small amount of us actually follow and accomplish our dreams, while the rest of us are stuck working jobs that we know aren’t really too fulfilling?”
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Yes, it is life’s difficulties and challenges (the reality of it all) which make it so easy for us to lose sight of our hopes and dreams. Yet, hopes and dreams can be made a reality when really wanted. It takes a strong will, some talent, a superb plan, and desire, but deep down we all have what it takes!

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